Course Outline

  1. Activity: Create a Resume in Cloud 9

  2. Activity: Create a Wireframe for Your Digital Portfolio Website

  3. Lesson: Cloud9 IDE Feature Preview

  4. Lesson: Cloud9 Text Editor Usage

  5. Activity: Create your Digital Portfolio Website Using Cloud9


Codecademy: Learn JavaScript (Estimated 5 hours)

  1. Lesson: Introduction to JavaScript

  2. Lesson: Variables

  3. Quiz: Introduction to JavaScript

  4. Activity: Kelvin Weather

  5. Activity: Dog Years

  6. Lesson: Control Flow

  7. Quiz: Control Flow

  8. Activity: Magic Eight Ball

  9. Lesson: Functions

  10. Lesson: Scope

  11. Quiz: Functions & Scope

  12. Activity: Rock, Paper or Scissors

  13. Activity: Sleep Debt Calculator

  14. Lesson: Arrays

  15. Lesson: Loops

  16. Quiz: Arrays and Loops

  17. Activity: Whale Talk

  18. Activity: Password Validator

  19. Lesson: JavaScript and the DOM

  20. Quiz: jQuery

  21. Activity: Lite Brite

  22. Test: JavaScript (Please see your teacher to receive your test.)


Codecademy: PHP (Estimated 5 hours)

  1. Lesson: Introduction to PHP

  2. Lesson: Conditionals and Control Flow (If / Else)

  3. Lesson: Control Flow: Switch

  4. Lesson: Arrays in PHP

  5. Lesson: Loops: For and ForEach

  6. Lesson: Loops: While and Do-While

  7. Lesson: Functions in PHP, Part I

  8. Lesson: Functions in PHP, Part II

  9. Lesson: Object-Oriented Programming, Part I

  10. Lesson: Object-Oriented Programming, Part II

  11. Lesson: Advanced Arrays and Maps


Codecademy: Learn Git (Estimated 2 hours)

  1. Lesson: Basic Git Workflow

  2. Quiz: Basic Git Workflow

  3. Activity: Manhattan Zoo

  4. Activity: SnapFit Robots, Inc.

  5. Lesson: How to Backtrack

  6. Quiz: How to Backtrack in Git

  7. Activity: Poem Fiasco

  8. Activity: ASCII Portfolio

  9. Lesson: Git Branching

  10. Quiz: Git Branching

  11. Activity: Birthday Party

  12. Activity: Ruby Time Calculator

  13. Lesson: Git Teamwork

  14. Quiz: Git Teamwork

  15. Activity: JavaScript Homework

  16. Activity: Recipe Book

  17. Test: Learn Git (Please see your teacher to receive your test.


Codecademy: Deploy a Website (Estimated 4 hours)

  1. Lesson: Create a Static Website Using Jekyll

  2. Lesson: Deploy Your Website to GitHub Pages

  3. Lesson: Assign a Custom Domain Name to Your Website


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